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Wedding Photography Timeline

A well-organized schedule for your wedding photos will also serve as a guide for all vendors on the wedding day and is an important component of every successful wedding. For your day to run smoothly, from hair and makeup to cake cutting, things will happen on time and flow accordingly. And just how you have an itinerary for all of your bridal makeup, ceremony and reception events, to timing of speeches there will also be a guided wedding day photography timeline for your wedding photographers as we capture your timeless and editorial wedding photos.

The wedding photography timeline will note the day-of event start time(s), end time(s), location(s), and also mention any events happening and who they involve (if a vendor or family member) for example: first look with bridal party/father-of-the-bride/groom. If there are any special requests from the couple, a note will be mentioned in the timeline for the photo opportunities to be completed by the wedding photography team.

We highly recommend for the very special wedding day moments like you getting into your gown and the for the gentlemen to be suited up require that time to savor. Sometimes coupes don’t realize this time and what to factor in. Sometimes couples don’t realize how long it takes to get into the gown. Yet as professional New Jersey wedding photographers and service providers, we’re here to guide you through this time for you to savor these moments on the day and not feel as though you are rushed from place to place on your day. These are the best moments in life!

Your wedding photography timeline will keep you on track moving from one location to the next and by having this scheduled set in stone before you tie the know you’ll be able to get all those desired images without feeling rushed. And with having us as your photographers, we will be working closely with your vendor team to guide you through each step of the day. You’ll have the ability to savor the moment and not feeling rushed between each moment. As wedding photographers, Michelle Behre Photography provides an ultimate experience for brides and grooms on their wedding day. The timeline build is absolutely essential to our process!

Below are a few items we review together to structure your wedding day timeline by New Jersey Wedding Photographer, Michelle Behre Photography.

Tips for Your Wedding Photography Timeline

Before crafting your wedding day timeline, there are a few things to keep in mind about the flow of your wedding day. You’ll want to think about your time and how you want to spend that on your day. Some of these may take a minute or so to think about, no pressure bride-to-be. So here are a few of our expert tips as we plan our wedding day photography timelines with our beautiful wedding couples.


To keep the morning flowing on schedule and on time, we’ll want to begin with photographing your beautiful wedding day details. To do just that, we recommend setting aside your details in one single location. Details may include your invitation suite, wedding bands, vow book, shoes, and more. As soon as Michelle arrives, she begins photographing those thoughtfully curated items as you are in hair and makeup. Pro tip: notify your maid/matron of honor the location of these items so we can snag those for photos as you enjoy your time in hair and makeup!

Example: Beautiful wedding day details curated in flat-lay photography at a romantic Ryland Inn Wedding Venue.

Consider a First Look

Nerves may be running a bit high in the morning. This is one of the best days of your lives and if you’re hosting a traditional timeline, more than half the day will be spent in different locations. If you nor your partner are opposed to completing a first look on your wedding day, then you’ll want to consider it! First looks are when you are taking your formal portraits prior to your ceremony so instead of missing your cocktail hour you get to enjoy that time and will essentially add more time to your wedding day that you get to enjoy, together! From a photographer’s perspective, the first looks provide plenty of logistical benefits from to your timeline. Yet our favorite bonus of hosting a first look for our couple’s are the intimate moments, vow readings, and portrait time that our couples share before the busyness of the day. It’s truly a moment just for you two to enjoy on your day which is extra-special.

Example: Here are a few beautiful moments from a first look and intimate portraits that we love from romantic fall wedding at the Crossed Keys Estate Andover New Jersey Wedding Venue.

Consider an Extended Cocktail Hour

If keeping it traditional is more your thing-we got you! I would recommend the extended cocktail hour. Extending your cocktail will allow for a few moments at your cocktail hour mixing, mingling and celebrating at the very beginning of your post-ceremony party. The best of both worlds!

Example: Bride and groom enjoying their portraits at Congress Hall Cape May beach and extended cocktail hour at Congress Hall Hotel Wedding.

Congress Hall Cape May New Jersey Wedding Photographer
Congress Hall Cape May New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Buffer in Timeline

When planning the timeline, I recommend to factor in ‘buffer time.’ This time is great to take a moment prior to your ceremony. This buffer can be used to relax and recharge before your big moment to come. If anything happens to run behind in the schedule, then we know there is a safety buffer time. We’ll still have time to recharge the batteries before departing ceremony time!

Example: Watching from the bridal suite as guests arrive at the Crossed Keys Estate Wedding Venue | Couple enjoys a ‘first touch’ prior to their ceremony to calm the nerves at the Ryland Inn Wedding Venue.

Crossed Keys Estate Andover New Jersey Wedding Photographers
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Formal Portraits

During your formal portraits, taking family photos can be a bit overwhelming and time-consuming. To make this process as efficient as possible, we will work through a previously crafted approved by the couple. Prior to the wedding, it is important to notify family that they will be photographed and what time. On the wedding day, to make this process as efficient as possible, I recommend notifying family members what time and where. Same applies to wedding party.

Learn more about formal portraits captured on the wedding day and the styles of photography we curate on the day.

Example: Wedding party portraits at The Coach House at the Ryland Inn Wedding Venue | Family formals at Crossed Keys Estate Wedding Venue.

Curate your Picture-Perfect Wedding Day Timeline with New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Michelle Behre is a Wedding Photographer based in New Jersey. Michelle specializes in romantic, timeless, and sophisticated weddings. Her fine art photography style is the perfect blend of editorial, documentary, and photojournalism. On wedding days, Michelle captures the excitement as the champagne pours, picture-perfect New Jersey events, romantic portraits, and moments in-between. Are you recently engaged and planning your wedding? Michelle accepts a limited amount of weddings per year. Inquire to learn about our New Jersey and destination wedding Photography services and availability today.


Wedding PhotographyMichelle Behre Photography

New Jersey Wedding Venues: Crossed Keys Estate, Coach House at the Ryland Inn, Congress Hall Cape May Resort.

Learn more about formal portraits captured on the wedding day and the styles of photography we curate on the day.

Inquire today to learn all about our New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, California, and destinations beyond Wedding Photography services. We can assist you in photographing your day. Inquire with Michelle for availability and more details, today.

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