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Wedding Photography Shot List

Shot lists are used to keep in organized and in order as the wedding day progresses. As a seasoned wedding professional we have curated our own unique wedding photography shot list. Our wedding photography shot list is unique to our brand and our most-loved photographs by our Wedding Photography clients. The shot list includes some ‘must-haves’ incorporating a creative conception of the wedding day vision by New Jersey Wedding Photographer, Michelle Behre. Below we have some frequently asked questions that we address for brides-to-be.

After ten years of photographing weddings, Michelle has found what has worked to provide her clients with a superior photography and wedding day experience. So with her knowledge at the forefront working with real brides she has found working off ‘a list’ interferes with moments as they unfold. It is our goal for the day to flow organically and naturally and is only appropriate while photographing formals to capture the authentic documentary and photojournalistic moments of the day as they naturally unfold. Rather than your day feeling as though it is a checklist, we want for the moments to be occurring naturally. We want for you to soak in every moment as it comes and to move through each step authentically. With that being said, we would refrain from the moments feeling forced or unnatural as though they are compiled from such list. Her approach will achieve consistent series of images throughout her portfolio of the timeless moments as they naturally unfold and romantic portraits.

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How do you achieve consistent Wedding Photos from wedding to wedding?

Wedding Photographer, Michelle Behre Photography works within her series consistent images she captures throughout the day for her couples. After years of experience, we capture the authentic images and workflow through the day with moments captured leading up to each event as planned and thoughtfully curated for each bride-to-be that steps in front of her lens.

Example: Beautiful bridal portraits captured at The Crossed Keys Estate Wedding Venue | Romantic bridal portrait The Ryland Inn Wedding Venue.

Crossed Keys Estate Andover New Jersey Wedding Photographers
Crossed Keys Estate Andover New Jersey Wedding Photographers

What moments to do you capture in your Wedding Photography?

As we photograph the wedding, we are there through each step of the way from the wedding welcome party, from the moments the bride is having her makeup and hair finishing touches up until the grand exit to the day-after party … We capture the authentic moments as they unfold. A few of our favorite moments include the timeless bridal portraits such as timeless and classic moments as the bride steps into her gown, moments as the groom gets in his tux, beautiful bridal portraits, handsome groom portraits, to first dance .. so many more.

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Example: Beautiful bridal portraits at the Park Chateau Estate and Gardens to an epic dance party!

Park Chateau Estate and Garden New Jersey Wedding | New Jersey Wedding Photographers

Are there times in the day you may use a list?

Throughout the day we follow the Wedding Photography Timeline. This timeline is thoughtfully curated by the planner, client and beside the Wedding Photography team. As we have photographed an abundance of beautiful weddings, these images are photographed throughout the day naturally. The images that we will use a list for will include the formal portraits. Here we may reference guest names so everyone is feeling comfortable, confident, and excited for their portrait to be captured!

Example: A few emotive moments captured during the first dance at this The Park Chateau Estate and Gardens wedding.

Park Chateau Estate and Garden New Jersey Wedding | New Jersey Wedding Photographers


Michelle Behre is a Wedding Photographer based in New Jersey. Michelle specializes in romantic, timeless, and sophisticated weddings. Her fine art photography style is the perfect blend of editorial, documentary, and photojournalism. On wedding days, Michelle captures the excitement as the champagne pours, picture-perfect New Jersey events, romantic portraits, and moments in-between. Are you recently engaged and planning your wedding? Michelle accepts a limited amount of weddings per year. Inquire to learn about our New Jersey and destination wedding Photography services and availability today.


Wedding PhotographyMichelle Behre Photography

New Jersey Wedding VenuesCrossed Keys EstateCoach House at the Ryland Inn, Park Chateau Estate and Gardens.

Inquire today to learn all about our New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, California, and destinations beyond Wedding Photography services. We can assist you in photographing your day. Inquire with Michelle for availability and more details, today.

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