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Wedding Planning Tips: Wedding Day Timeline

Are you planning the wedding of your dreams and not even sure where to begin when it comes to your wedding day timeline? It’s ok! We got you. Below are a few wedding day timeline tips from New Jersey Wedding Photographer Michelle Behre to assist you as you plan your very special New Jersey Wedding!

Plan ample time for your details & beauty

Do you have a ton of beautiful details that you adore such as those unboxed Jimmy Choos and Mrs. Box that you cannot wait to have beautiful photographs of your engagement and wedding bands in? Well we cannot wait to take beautiful flat lays of them on your day! Depending on the amount of details, from invitation suites, vow books, rings, and more, we typically schedule details for 30-60 minutes pending the detail list provided. As your beauty dream team is working their magic, we complete our magic with your details. Right beside you we will be photographing your gorgeous flat lay details. As soon as your hair and makeup is complete, time to get pics of you and your girls, popping the champagne! I cannot wait!

Plan ample time for your first looks

Are you interested in a father-daughter, bride-bridesmaid, and/or bride-groom first look on your wedding day? We schedule 15-20 minutes per first look. I recommend to schedule additional time for each first look in your wedding day timeline to allow for you to soak in the moment with your besties and family prior to moving onto the next scheduled event. We don’t want you to feel as if you are rushed through each moment. Plan ample time for each event and soak it all in moments prior to you walking down the aisle.

Provide ample travel time

If you are traveling from location to location, it is crucial to at least provide an ample travel time in case of traffic delays. It is always great to have extra time padded into your timeline then to be rushed through a series of important events. It is our goal for you to enjoy your portraits and get you to your cocktail hour.

Host an extended cocktail hour

Do you have a large family and do you also want to capture extended family formals and enjoy your cocktail hour? Problem solved. Host an extended cocktail hour by adding an additional 30 minutes to your cocktail hour. If you have a list of extended family formals we recommend extending your cocktail hour to socialize with your guests.

New Jersey Wedding Photographers

Michelle Behre is based in Northern New Jersey and specializes in romantic, timeless, and sophisticated weddings.  Her fine art photography style is the perfect blend of editorial and documentary photography. Michelle Behre Photography captures the excitement as the champagne pours to your picture-perfect bridal details. Are you engaged and planning your wedding? We accept a limited amount of weddings per year. Inquire to learn about our New Jersey Wedding Photography services and availability.

Inquire today to learn all about our New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania wedding photography services. We can assist you in photographing your romantic engagement session and your wedding day! Inquire with Michelle for availability and more details, today!

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