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Wedding Planning Tips: Wedding Color Palette

Have you picked your venue yet you’re not sure of the colors of that picture-perfect color palette that will blend beautifully within your venue? Do you feel that you are between colors that you love so much? Below are a few wedding day color palette tips to assist you in your wedding planning process!

Value of the color palette

So first things first here, why is the color palette such a staple in planning? Your colors are the anchor of your wedding day design and décor. The wedding color palette plays a role into your venue, locations, and season, too! Once you have nailed down your colors, your design will be more consistent and feel as if it flows more cohesively. This makes a huge difference in your photos, too! Check out a few samples we have from real, New Jersey weddings photographed by New Jersey Wedding Photographer, Michelle Behre!

Top 5 Wedding Day Color Palette Tips

Here are just our top five tips to follow while choosing your wedding color palette and a few sample wedding day color palettes created from real weddings to get you started on planning your very special day!

Define the season that you are hosting your wedding in, in color

You have booked your venue and locked in your date, congratulations beautiful bride-to-be! When you’re thinking of the season, what are your favorite colors? OR do you want to plan and choose your date around something that is special to you? Below are a few ideas to inspire you!

What about summer, classic navy blues? Fall foliage and beautiful muted tones? Soft, winter hues?

Planning your date around a sentimental date such as your anniversary? What about surrounding your first date? Your colors can accent the season that your date is in so beautifully.

You have your season! Now time to set an anchor color

You have chosen your season. Amazing! Your season can inspire your wedding day color palette and vision as you begin planning your very special day. What is the anchor color you may ask? The anchor color will be the “main” color used throughout and several colors will be chosen in addition to this main color to contrast that anchor color.

Choose one or two colors as main anchor colors, then select one or two secondary colors (one of these should be a neutral, which will help blend those focal point colors together seamlessly) for support. To finish it off, choose a fun accent shade—like a metallic-like gold or silver—that you’ll use accent throughout your event.

For example, spring can incorporate a whole range of color such as beautiful spring cherry blossom pinks, vintage baby blues, soft yellows and greens.

Summer, think of soft pinks or pop of bright, bold color to accent that pink.

For fall think of reds, deep maroons, and oranges.

Winter can be dusty blues, winter whites.

Add in some metallics for some bright, beautiful contrast

Want to incorporate the color of your engagement ring? What about some gold or silver metallic accents? Your florist can paint your florals with metallic paint. Décor can incorporate champagne flutes, cake painted in gold. Gold foil lettering on your invitation suite and much more!

Think about your venue and incorporate the colors from your venue

When you first drove up to your venue, the moment you knew it was the one, was it the colors, textures, you loved most? Incorporate those beautiful colors and textures into your palette to give your wedding day color palette that ultimate pop and for your photos to flow beautifully.

Subtle hues for balance and a contrast color

For subtle balance in your color palette, add in a contrasting color to your anchor color to balance your palette. If your anchor color is pink, the contrast color can be green with subtle hues of yellow for a beautiful balance. See Lillian and Adam’s wedding color palette for inspiration below!

Summer Wedding Color Palette Inspiration

Fall Wedding Color Palette Inspiration

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