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Fashion-Forward Bridal Accessories

When it comes to choosing the final selections for your bridal look and choosing the photographer for your wedding, there are so many options! To assist you as you begin designing your bridal aesthetic, NJ Wedding Photographers, Michelle Behre Photography, has collaborated with talented artists in the industry to create a gallery of inspiration for your bridal aesthetic and look. These details will be used in flat lays and the bride’s getting ready photos. View some of NJ Photographers, Michelle’s tips and her wedding photo style below!

I have noted a few tips for brides-to-be while searching for the perfect accessories. Noted below are just a few tips for you as you prepare for your wedding day as a wedding photography professional and a quote from the stylist at Perfect Details, San Francisco Bay Area bridal salon. Enjoy!

“Women come to New York for the two Ls- Labels & Love.”

– Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

personal style and aesthetic

While developing your bridal style, consider your personal fashion sense. What do you enjoy wearing? How you can accent this and bring your personal style into your wedding day fashion style? For example, if you enjoy layers – you may be able to bring a veil that incorporates a double layer. If you enjoy texture, you may enjoy unique beading in your bridal gown or accessories. If you’re thing is light pinks, would you enjoy a pink gown? How can you accent your own personal style and aesthetic into your bridal fashion?


Consider texture while designing your wedding day aesthetic. The fabric used to handcraft gowns and accessories set the tone and communicate in fashion. For example, the ivory wedding heal, Belle by Joy Proctor have been handcrafted in a floral, hand-beaded chiffon. This four inch heel is feminine, romantic, and one of a kind. In contrast, the Carolina by Bella Belle, both one of a kind, is both feminine; however, this may be the perfect-fit for the more fashion-forward uptown, modern bride. The Carolina has been handcrafted in silver crystal, silk, and leather, and ivory with a t-strap providing an elongating look to the leg and of course, like all Bella Belle is handcrafted in perfection.

Both heels are two beautifully handcrafted pieces of fashion, and unique in their own beautiful ways.

Belle by Joy Proctor, Bella Belle provided by Perfect Details

Carolina, Bella Bella provided by Perfect Details

bridal aesthetic and color palette

When coordinating your bridal style, it’s always important to match your wedding day aesthetic for a cohesive look.


Consider comfort for your wedding day while designing your final bridal look and accessories. Comfort may just be two pairs of shoes, a stiletto, second block-heel to dance in, or a cute bridal sneaker. For some, a full wedding gown and an evening gown or simply, bustling early so that you can be as comfortable as you bust a move!

jewels & accessories

If a veil is not for you, you have several options when it comes to hair accessories such as hair pins, hats, headbands, barrettes, or hair clips which all make for perfect bridal accessories and beautiful addition to your flat lay.

If you do enjoy the veil, I love photographing textures of the veil before the wedding and capturing these intimate details in the flat lays. It truly adds dimension to your flat lays.

And remember, to please have your jewels cleaned before your special day!

Here is a quick tip regarding breaking in new jewels:

We always tell brides or anyone looking for special earrings for an event to wear a style and size earring you generally wear.  However, if you want something special and beyond glamorous for your wedding or event, as most of us do, we suggest wearing them around the house and getting used to them.  Just like shoes, you break them in a little bit first.  Same goes for earrings if they are different from what you are used to.

– San Francisco Bay Area stylist, Rachel Howard, Perfect Details

ring boxes

While designing and photographing wedding day flat lays, I advise New Jersey brides to consider a ring box with the aesthetic of matching their wedding day fashion. It is truly a way to provide some elegance to your flat lays and to showcase your sense of bridal fashion. I am so thankful to have partnered with Amonié and Perfect Details just to showcase a few options for you to showcase your wedding day fashion. Not only does Perfect Details offer shoes and veils; however, this talent offers bridal and evening accessories, wedding and evening jewelry, and much more! For ring boxes, Amonié provides the finest velvet and ribbon handcrafted ring boxes. Pictured below is the velvet Amonié ring box in champagne. Amonié offers several different French ring boxes, earring box, and much more.

displaying your vows

Vows and vow books are a beautiful memento from the wedding day. Sharing handwritten vows are simply a romantic way to showcase your love for one another on your wedding day. You can also showcase your vows in a handcrafted vow book to place these precious memories on display for a lifetime.


While consulting with your floral artist, share your bridal fashion look and your color palette. it is crucial to consider how your florals will impact your look. For example, you can see how soft the greens are in the look below and also how bold the purple is here. This handpicked purple vine from the floral garden makes a statement in contrast to the pink rose and soft greens in the vines from Katarina. Envision your color palette and the statement you want to make with your bridal fashion.

Artistic preservation: to preserve your wedding day florals, you can press dry and flatten your florals after your special day. While pressing florals, I recommend using phone books and then placing weights on top of the book for best results. For reference, see video here.

fresh greens and roses

bridal boudoir

If you enjoy details and are super excited about your lingerie, consider spicing it up a notch a bit with a bridal boudoir session the day of your wedding. This session would take about an or so before getting into your dress and I would love to capture these details in your flat lays and would be so excited to hear what you have in mind for your bridal boudoir session!

share your look with your photographer

As I work beside my clients, I enjoy to communicate the details that I will be photographing the day of! Please share those details such as your rings to your final color palette with your wedding photographer. While photographing details, I request these items to be organized in one space the evening before the wedding so I can move these pieces to natural light and of course, to photograph on film.

the more natural light in the space that you are getting ready in, the better!

If there is natural light in the space that you are getting ready in, that is the best for it to allow for me to photograph those beautiful, bright film photographs while capturing your beautiful details that you’ve worked so, so hard to place together for your day.


NJ Wedding Photographers: Michelle Behre Photography | Planning, Design, & Styling: Michelle Behre Photography | Floral Design: Katarina Florist | Shoes: Bella Belle from Perfect Details: Bella Belle Carolina / Bella Belle Elena / Bella Belle Angelina / Belle by Joy Proctor | Velvet Ring Box: Amonié | Styling Board: Heirloom Bindery

Contact me today to schedule your romantic, light and airy, outdoor proposal and engagement photography session today! These open air shoots are the perfect way to document your love story and milestones as you grow together!


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