April 18, 2019


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Hilton Pearl River Photos

While the majority of my portrait sessions take place in New Jersey, this year I have multiple shoots in the beautiful state of New York and I am so looking forward to it! The first of my NY portrait sessions is a family that I have had the pleasure of photographing at the Hilton Pearl River in Pearl River, NY. This venue is very personal to the family, which makes their portraits even more special! This is the venue where one of the family members were wed in 2015. It is always such a treat to photograph an extended family portrait session and a loving, compassionate family. I loved getting to document Kanter family’s continuing love for her family.

I hope you enjoy viewing their extended family portrait session as much as I loved photographing it and working beside the Kanter’s to coordinate.

From the client

Tell us about why you decided to have your portraits taken
To celebrate my in laws and give them a few GREAT photos of the entire family. Even though we all live fairly close, we never get a photo together! Never had we had one with all four grandchildren. This is really special.

When was the last time you had your portraits taken?
Not with all four grandchildren! Before that would be a wedding in 2015.

Describe your family in 3 words
Sweet, caring and energetic.

What do you want to remember about your family, right now?
The energy!

Describe your perfect Saturday together
Probably something with the Rangers.


In their words,

Michelle has a great eye for capturing the true essence of the family. I’m grateful to her for being so professional, kind and really, really patient with a big, energetic family while delivering such beautiful photographs. She’s truly a talent and we are grateful to have worked with her for such a special moment in our family’s life.




NY Lifestyle Family Portrait Photographer: Michelle Behre Photography

NY Wedding Venue: Hilton Pearl River, Pearl River, New York


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