Sunset self-portrait at Larcom Theater, Wallis Street, Beverly, MA, 2016

About the artist

Hello, I’m Michelle! For as long as I can remember I was drawn to photography. As a teenager, I always carried Vogue and Vanity Fair and found myself head-over-heels in love with the detail, artistry, and elegant craftsmanship of the fashion magazines. I was inspired by the imagery pictured in Vogue and began shooting film as a young teen. After I picked up my camera, I carried it absolutely every where I traveled. I became obsessed with the light of the city, shadow, detail, and most importantly, the image and what it conveyed to the viewer. I enjoyed the beauty of the editorial imagery pictured in fashion magazines; however, to me, there was nothing more captivating than the candid and free spirited portraits — those images spoke to me.

In college, I veered away from norm, photographically. I was critiqued heavily for my airy images. I continued to shoot and still, after ten years of photographing, I still fall head over heels in love with the way you can capture the freeze the exact moment, capture the emotions, and preserve that moment in time. Additionally, you can not only represent that moment for a lifetime; however, replicate beautiful skin tones, pastel colors, and soft light. I am drawn to document life. The incredibly loving smile from Adam that I simply adore, the beauty of nature, or the beautiful lives of my clients that I am so thankful to be enriched by. Being so passionate about photography and the ability to share in the love of two individuals and their family is incredibly special… It is simply extraordinary

I approach photography in a candid and emotional manner. My images are romantic, elegant, airy, and I approach photography in a fine art photojournalistic nature. I enjoy stepping back and watching organic moments unfold in front of me and create heirloom collections to be cherished for decades to come. 


When I'm not behind my lens you'll find me

  • Spending time with family and friends.
  • Meeting and greeting with local vendors at the local Rising Tide Society Tuesday's Together chapter.
  • Exploring new picturesque venues by the sea or in the mountains.
  • Crafting homemade, romantic candle-lit dinners accompanied with wine, cheese, and a cute movie!
  • Trying new activities and restaurants.
  • Hanging out with my fur baby, Oreo.
  • Checking out upcoming events, such as music festivals, brew festivals, vineyard tours, and antique car shows.
  • I don't want much TV; however, when I do, I love to cuddle up with Adam and enjoy classics like Seinfeld, Sex and the City, current dramas such as House of Cards or Homeland.

A few things I cannot live without

I am absolutely head over heels with all things organic, obsessed with avocados and all things coconut especially Burt's Bees coconut chapstick! I adore traveling, especially by the sea or mountainside, and I am kinda obsessed with all things cream, off-white, pink, baby-blue, or sage! I am such a hopeless romantic and absolutely adore capturing candid, emotional, romantic, elegant, and airy, imagery. A few other things I cannot live without would be Magnolia Rouge, the Starbucks Green Tea Latte, my Louis Vuitton Speedy, Kodak Portra, my passport, laughing too hard (it's sooo good for your soul), and my collection of film cameras!