Peabody, Massachusetts, Michelle Behre Photography hosts a Holiday Portrait Session Event at Brooksby Farms | McCormick Family

What a way to close this event! This sunset Holiday Mini Session was absolutely sweet. Talk about sibling love! We had an older brother and younger sister join us on this special day with the McCormick family, and awe, they are absolutely adorable! I absolutely love capturing kids simplybeing kids, exploring, playing, and telling me about their favorite things in life. A child’s innocence is something so special and it is so essential for me to capture this during a session.

I babysat my two first cousins as I was in high school and now it seems so surreal that my cousins are entering high school, and talking about college applications. In the blink of an eye they are all grown up! They’re men now going off to college! In comparison to you and your families, these days that they are growing are so extra special, and these moments need to be shared and remembered. The moments captured in this session are truly special, their personalities simply shine, and I cannot ask for nothing else but have that during our session.

During this family portrait session, this older brother gave his little sister the sweetest little hug, they held hands, and giggled, it was just so cute! After this hug, the McCormicks daughter gave her “doggy” purse to her mother and went back to hug her brother — these moments are absolutely adorable, taking a glimpse into your daily life and sharing these days with you are so extra special! 

This collection is absolutely adorable, check out a few images below.

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