Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, Wedding Vacation at Rumson Country Club | Weekend Wedding Getaway

Hello friends,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. This weekend was an absolute blast. My dad’s best friend’s daughter got married to the love of her life and we were so lucky to travel to the NJ, spend the weekend relaxing at the Jersey shore, and spent some quality time with family and friends. This weekend was truly full of bittersweet love, romance, and sweet summer sunsets.

Thursday we lifted off from Boston and arrived in Atlantic City before noon, headed straight up to the Jersey Shore, and began our relaxing afternoon at LBI. What a beautiful day spent well on the beach. Caught some rips on the boogie boards, and enjoyed that hot summer sun on the beach. From there, we prepared for the wedding of the Petrone’s and could not wait any longer! 

Friday morning, we went kayaking out in the bay, caught some sun, and headed out to the Petrone wedding. What a lovely couple! This wedding was absolutely amazing! Kelsey and Danny’s ceremony was hosted at a Church of the Precious Blood at Monmouth Beach. The Petrone family has been getting married at this church since their arrival in the states and this beautiful tradition had to be passed down. The bride and her maids arrived in a trolley (Eek, so sweet!) and the standing ovation began as the music chimed as the bride walked up the church stairs with her darling father and my uncle Pete. The crowd cheered and happy tears fell as the beautiful bride entered in white. The bride and groom met hand in hand at the altar and the ceremony began.

Following the ceremony, there was a little bit of a break before the reception opened. We went over to a friend’s hotel to hang and have a glass of wine with a large group of about 15 of us or so. At the bar, we put a few tables together, watched the Olympics, and hung out before it was time to head out to Rumson for the reception.

We headed over to the absolutely stunning Riverhouse at Rumson Country Club. I was swooning during the reception. This venue was absolutely stunning — oceanfront venue, panoramic views upon all sides of venue, docks aside the parking lot, stone fireplaces, seating available indoors and out, open bar during the entire evening, candles upon the tables and fireplaces, live music, large windows, lovely chandeliers.. The venue and decor was absolutely stunning and I cannot wait to see the images from their day it’s going to be absolutely beautiful! Bravo Kels and Kim, this was stunning!

This evening was absolutely beautiful, heartfelt toasts, happy tears, and an absolutely beautiful careful from the bride and groom. And to top off the evening, free pizza on the way out! Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Petrone!  

Saturday morning, we began our day with a brunch at Kim’s home. This was great to catch up with old friends who are basically family. I spent my summers as a child at the Jersey shore with Kelsey’s family and friends, and spending some quality time with the bride, groom and family was truly amazing.

Saturday evening, we headed up to Seaside Heights and hung out on the boardwalk, cought some rays, caught up some fun games, and of course, had to take in some boardwalk fun with some rides. The blue hour approached and we hit the Parkway South. 

It was about time to head up to Boston on Sunday. We had a large family breakfast, went kayaking in the bay, and headed South to Atlantic City to board a jet up to Boston. 

What a wonderful weekend, I am so happy I was able to visit family, friends and see one of my bestie marry the love of her life!

Thank you for tuning in!

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With love,