Ipswhich, Massachusetts, Family Portraits at Appleton Farms | Mountain Family

Appleton Farms always makes such a beautiful location for it’s rustic charm, history, romantic rolling hills, and the sweet dairy store and was the absolute perfect location for a newborn session.

We absolutely love to capture families organically. Your little one grows so fast and to us, every moment counts. From the teeny-tiny shoes and accessories, nursing, to the tender love and affection from mom and dad.. These moments all need to be preserved.

Mrs. Mountain had packed a few outfits for sweet little Noah. Our session started off perfectly and I was able to photograph mom and dad with their sweet little one. We moved into seating poses, and Noah was feeling a bit hungry. We took a short break and sweet little Noah was nursed and ready to go! 

He crawled to fast towards me and then on his blanket a sweet little orange butterfly stopped right in front of him. In that moment, the butterfly flew to his right, and then over his shoulder!! It was SO cute… Now let’s talk about perfect timing! 

After we photographed some lying poses, we moved into standing poses. Between poses is where I always captures those beautiful candid photographs. One favorite of mine is mom kissing Noah’s feet and tickling his toes as he’s wrapped in dad’s arms. 

After I captured this sweet moment, we ventured towards the swing, stone wall, path and into the barn. 

This collection was absolutely beautiful and wonderful to photograph and I look forward to capturing many more newborn sessions. 

Check out some of our favorite images below!