Hackettstown, New Jersey, How I found my color and mood palette | Branding with Michelle

Ever since I could remember, I spent my time outdoors. On weekends, there was nothing better to do than soak up the sweet summer sun with my best friends or simply by myself. Growing up in North West New Jersey, I am surrounded by the beautiful forests of the Appalachian trail. My best friends and I spent all of our time playing in the woods, swimming, fishing in my pond or the local river, hiking, quadding, and I even spent my time creating outdoors. 

Sunrises and sunsets have always been magical times of the day for me and I absolutely adore watching the light change, glitter through the trees, and glow as the sun just peaks the horizon.

While I was younger, I enjoyed drawing and practiced illustrating on a daily basis. However, there was just something about my illustrations that were missing. They didn't quite recreate the world that I needed to share. It wasn't until I was 15-16ish when I truly became interested in photography (thankfully to my high school art teacher, Mr. Cameron). Mr. Cameron greatly inspired me to begin shooting film and that year I absolutely fell head over heels in love with photography!

I shot outdoors and loved the grain, light, and softness of the lenses. I carried the Canon everywhere, photographing candid snapshots, and documenting my day or events.

While looking through my family pictures and I always loved the look of expired film, and digital still could not replicate that feel. However, the film I was shooting still did not give me that dreamy look I desired and craved from my images.

While still searching for meaning and my brand voice it wasn't up until September 2016 until I truly found myself, and essentially my brand in my images. This was such a crucial part of my career. I felt like I had been searching for this style for years it had simply just came to me in this session.

On-location at a senior portrait session, I was photographing images of a client at an absolutely beautiful garden. While I was shooting, I had gone over to this beautiful backlit tree that I saw out of the corner of my eye. I was drawn to it, the sun was perfect, glittering, buttery, golden light, soft, pale, muted teal and sage greens, the ocean in the background, it was just beautiful! I needed to photograph that tree and replicate the image just how I saw it! The sun was just setting.. It was just above the horizon line and I didn't have much time. After I photographed that tree, I had posed my client differently and worked around this area in the garden. It was BEAUTIFUL! I walked away feeling like I had a total EPIPHANY! I even called my parents and Adam to tell them! (Lol, I'm so silly but really, that's what happened!). 

Ever since then, I have shot like that and will never change my way of shooting.

Check out these beautiful images! I will forever treasure this magical moment.


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