Charlestown, Massachusetts, At Home Surprise Glamour Session with Tiffany Cantin | Jess

Sometimes I go to online resources to see if I can find “my calling” to serve. I was surfing the web and all of a sudden I saw an add searching for a “unique photog” and that truly got me hooked! This add spoke to me. I am not only passionate about creating imagery; however, could truly serve someone who is in need of light.

After I saw this advertisement, I was baited. My camera bag was packed and ready to GO! I emailed the client as soon as I read it and my goal was to transform and lift the woman who was struggling.

This SPOKE to me. It called out so far and I knew this WAS for me, and I HAD to be the photographer on-location to give a reaching out for these women, no matter HOW difficult of a task this would be I needed to be there.

Maggie, had reached out to craigslist and we had coordinated all details for her best friend, Jess who is currently suffering with cancer. Both women met in Australia on a study abroad program. They had automatically clicked on their program and have been best friends ever since. Jess currently residing in Boston and Maggie in Washington — these two warriors keep in contact via email, phone, and send one another packages. Distance has never and will never set them a part, especially through their suffering.

Maggie was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago and Jess was extremely supportive of her long distance bestie, Jess, who was recently diagnosed with her breast cancer and is receiving chemo. Maggie visited Jess in June and it was in her best interested to spoil her through her treatment and give her a bit of a pamper session to lift her spirits. That’s where I come in!

Before our session, she received her fourth treatment.

As soon as a I spoke to my Maggie, we coordinated the perfect time to arrive on-location and coordinated this as a surprise for Jess. I did not arrive alone either.. Before our photography session began, the incredibly talented make up artist, Tiffany Cantin, tagged along and performed her incredible services on the incredibly lovely, Jess.

The first 30 minutes of our session, Jess received a full pampering session. Once make up was complete, we moved into photography. 

Jess truly flowed during our session and the images truly capture her spirit. She was truly comfortable in front of the lens. I was able to capture her air, lovely light and glow that she has. Her personality has this lovely aura, and I truly feel that it is visible in these images.

Maggie and Jess are two truly incredible women. And they have truly impacted my life and my way of viewing the world not only as a photographer and business woman; however, remembering the smallest things in life. 

I walked away from this session feeling inspired and moved by the power of giving. This has pushed me farther and farther to serve not only as a photographer; however, as a woman. 

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Thank you for tuning in and here are a few digital images below from Jess' surprise glamour session!