Beverly, Massachusetts, Wedding Workflow at Beverly Studio | Streamlining Workflow

Hello my loves, I hope you are all having a beautiful day. 

Today I wanted to talk to you about how I streamlined my workflow to create and easily manage and maintain a staging space. The following stations mentioned truly helps the staging process and you don’t feel like your fleeing for your gear or wondering if batteries are charged while preparing for your shoots. This space has truly streamlined my workflow as I prep for all sessions and events.

So you are probably asking when in my shooting did I realize that there was a problem with my preparation? And to answer that question for you, it was after the first auction I photographed with a guest list of over 1k. When I began shooting events my sophomore year of college, I would have huge clunky backpacks that I would have to sit down in the HRs office, I would have to step away from what I was shooting to either switch batteries or lenses.. Now, this is BAD. Why? I am simply stepping AWAY from my subject matter and missing moments! My subject matter needs the most attention that I can give to capture all of its beautiful moments.. Not my back turned. When I realized that I had missed a few great action shots at this event due to changing batteries is when I needed to get things prepared and ready to go, and that is always. 

At the time, I had a small staging station set up in my apartment using filing cabinets; however this space was still too small for all of my gear. Later that year, I decided to take on a lovely project of "early spring cleaning" and dedicated 1 closet to a staging station. First I needed to organize and place all of my photography gear into one place. I had no idea how to get everything into a 2.29x2.29” closet!! Which led me onto my journey to The Container Store. 

I found this lovely stackable container (check the link below). From here, I have everything organized from office and photography supplies, to my 35mm and DSLR staging area. There is a drawer and space for everything, and nothing can simply be overlooked. In addition to the storage, I have checklists coordinated for each event that is coming up and the gear necessary for this event.

Checklists consists of an equipment check and all gear to be prepared 24-48 hours in advance of the event so I can simply grab my bag, a green tea latte at Starbucks and hit the road! Prep consists of clearing all cards, charging all batteries, cleaning all lenses and bodies, and much more; however, this is the logistics that goes on behind the scenes concerning packing to be event-ready. For me, this amount of preparation truly makes life 100% easier as your going from one event to another. 

Check out that link below and have a beautiful day, my loves!

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