Beverly, Massachusetts, Wedding Workflow at Beverly Studio | Essential Studio Gear

My loves,

Gear up, baby it’s wedding season! To prep for the season, I have found the absolute essentials for shooting my weddings and I am head over heels with my new camera accessories and cannot wait to share a few new additions to my gear list with you.


So let’s first start off with the first accessory purchased, the eneloop AA battery. This battery is absolutely incredible. I charge these once a week on a soft charge and they last in my SB-910 for close to 9 hours. WOW! Talk about awesome.

The second accessory added to my camera bag was the quantum turbo 3. This battery pack has seriously streamlined my workflow. While shooting on-location there is absolutely no need to change your batteries in your SB-910. The SB-910 is powered directly from the quantum turbo 3. This is perfect for shooting weddings and events. The turbo enables me shooting on continuos high at 6 FPS and keeps the flash in sync with my shutter.

The third accessory recently added to my camera bag is the Powerex MH-C801d eight cell charger. Now this may seem kinda silly to spend a lot on a AA battery charger; however, with the eneloops, you can destroy your batteries if not using the correct charger and you have two options with this charger. Option 1 charge, option 2 soft charge. Option 1 allows you to charge your batteries fast, having 8 batteries fully charged within an hour or less; however, this wears down your batteries within time. And option 2, soft charge, allows you to slowly charge your batteries which will allow for your batteries to last longer. The Powerex is a wonderful investment allowing for the eneloops to sustain their time and to fully withhold their charge and time. Woot!


Thanks for tuning in and check out a few links below to grab your accessories! 


Panasonic Eneloops


Quantum Turbo 3


Quantum Turbo Cord for Nikon


Quantum Turbo Cord for Canon