Beverly, Massachusetts, Wedding Tips at Beverly Studio | Top 3 Things Every Wedding Photographers Must Deliver

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Today we'll be chatting about the top 3 things that a bride needs for her ideal day. If you have any questions or comments for me, drop it in the comments section below! I'd love to hear what you have to say.

Working with other vendors is a crucial part of the day. We want all of our client's weddings to run as smooth as possible and for us that means communicating with other vendors to see what they have in store and how we can work together to perform on our best on your day. Think Team USA at the Olympics on your day. Now, that's our goal. ;)

So I have briefly outlined my top 3 things that I prepare for the day and and week before a wedding to bring it!

1) Coordination: Weddings are full of deadlines, timelines, fulfilling requests and making sure that everyone is truly their happiest on-location. First and foremost, we have to remember our clients and how to serve them to the best of our abilities. Take the day off before a wedding. Clear your head. Give yourself a mani and pedi. Remember, they are what brought us here to begin with and they are the most special people in our lives. They deserve the best that they can ever be given. 1a) Timelines are the biggest part of a wedding day and when all teams work together, we are a powerhouse to make the day run as smooth as possible and remembering our clients - two people, one family, let's make this family simply, happy. Coordinate with all vendors. Remember, the bride is off havin' fun and may be stressed as the days approach, let her be and do her thing.  

2) Clear Communication: When vendors come together — it’s all about communication and team work, we make one powerhouse team. Think Team USA at the Olympics. Now, the vendors are simply team USA. We simply speak each other’s language, understand the nature of the beast, and can truly nail down the timeline to rock our couple’s wedding day and box in the ring.

3) Earning Gold: We live through our couples, making their dreams come true and seeing others happiness is truly what makes our hearts ignite in the end. Go out and shoot. Stay inspired. Now let’s get gold!

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