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So, today we’re going to be talking about the 3 Top Things a Bride MUST Have on Her Wedding Day. Now, as wedding professionals, we want our bride’s wedding day to go AS SMOOTHLY as possible. We do not want any stress to be placed upon our brides, and we want our bride’s to shine. So, for us wedding vendors, what does that mean? What are truly the top three things we want for our clients? As a person, I want a ton of things for them… Amazing wedding, honeymoon, the list goes on; however, as a photographer, this list is CRUCIAL. We need to prepare as much as we can and work together as an A-TEAM to be ***amazing*** and for things to run as smooth as possible during their day.

So, now, you may ask… How does this happen in the wedding industry when literally ANYTHING can happen? Timelines run off, deliveries run late, etc. And that is all about preparation and communication and yes, I’m going to say it… sticking to the timeline and following the tricks of the trade, my friends!

Now, you are probably wondering, what is our main focus for us, as photographers to deliver to our clients on their wedding day and that is as follows (or at least these are the top three for me).

1) Picture quality: All formals should be photographed in the shade. From bridal portraits to family portraits — everything. Keep it consistent and in the same location. Shoot verticals and horizontals in the shade and backlit. If you’re outdoors, you better be in the shade, my friends. If you’re indoors, backlit by a window (plus fill flash if necessary). If you’re outdoors, remember when you’re in the shade, your clients will be cool, relaxed, and focused on you as your photographing them. You’re clients will not be getting sunburnt and your bride’s make up will not be melting off. In the shade, you can create beautifully backlit portraits. No squinty eyes, no harsh lighting, even skin tones, no sweat, beautifully, dramatic images as you and your significant other hang out and enjoy your day. On-location, I am focused on comfort. When in the shade, we can create perfect prints without sweating your buns off! Your clients deserve the best on their day and relaxation is key. Guide your clients step-by-step. Comfort matters. 

2) Respect the wedding timeline: Well this is seriously my biggest pet peeve. As a photographer, I rely HEAVILY on timelines. I create a timeline that is detailed, has a location for myself, my second shooter and both timelines include departure, arrival, mileage, and travel times. All vendors need to be informed of the importance of the bride and first shooters arrival time, travel times and the bride needs to arrive to the ceremony either earlier or on time. She cannot be 15-20 minutes late due to socializing. Why? If she wants formal photographs with family members and newlywed portraits this is not going to be completed in under an hour, then we will have to move these portraits into the reception and for her album the images will not match. Remember, with portraits, consistency is key!

TIP: Work closely with your bride’s event planner to nail down and perfect your timelines. 

3) Shade: Stay in the shade! Backlight your blushing bride and her bridesmaids. These women just paid over $200 for hair and make up, and over $1,000 for her dress, do you really think that she wants to stand and sweat in her wedding gown? Well, heck no! Photographers please remember that and respect your client’s paychecks! Place them in the shade, backlight, and use your skills. Prepare for the day, visit the venue beforehand, seek out the best locations for portraits, contact your bride's event planners who know the venue (and who may be able to assist on-location) direct them to their location. And remember, practice makes perfect!

TIP: Visit the venue with the bride/event planner to scout out locations for portraits (if invited), keep your eye out for shade when you’re browsing the venue. 

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