Beverly, Massachusetts, Wedding and Portrait Photographer | How It All Began

Welcome my loves,

I am Michelle Behre Photography, a photographer located in Beverly, Massachusetts on Boston’s North Shore and I am here to provide you with elegant, light, airy, photojournalistic, timeless images, heirloom albums and capture one of the most important days and parts of your lifetime. I promise to capture the details of your love story and to preserve your memories for a lifetime to come. Let's chat! I cannot wait to hear all about the two of you! 

So this is me!

First, let’s start from the beginning. I’m going to tell you how I found my love for creating imagery. 

I was born and raised in a small town in New Jersey. Hackettstown has a population of under 10,000 and is 45 minutes north west of NYC.. (Sorry Boston, it had to come out some time! I love you, I’m converted, I PROMISE!). In high school other than playing softball, I was highly attracted to the arts.

Living in a small town, everyone knew each other. Art was my thing and I enjoyed being unique. I always carried a notebook, graphite, pens, and was constantly illustrating and writing in high school. I also designed tattoos for friends. I found my inspiration from the outdoors, images, and at 16 years old, I was in love with fashion. I read all of the fashion magazines, Vogue, Vanity Fair and found myself mesmerized by the images and always wondered how the images were created. 

One day in my high school art class, I approached my teacher, Mr. Cameron, and asked how they created these images. Mr. Cameron told about shutter speed, Adobe Photoshop and said if I were interested in getting into photography, the best way to approach it would probably be with a 35mm film camera. However, I was not all that interested and kind of bluffed him off.

I was studying fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan part time. At FIT, a friend of mine was taking photography courses and owned one of those old-fashioned cameras and those that Mr. Cameron had spoken about. In my illustration courses, my professor told us that film was on option. Knowing that film was an option, learning a new medium sounded like an awesome idea. 

I was mesmerized at my ability to "see."  The images I created changed my perspective of the world. 

I carried the Canon with me everywhere, especially into NYC when I went to class. During lunch break, my friend showed me numerous tips and tricks that were not included in the manual. I began watching YouTube videos and every week I printed my images and began experimenting with the other lenses. When I began to become adept at 35mm, I purchased my first DSLR and never turned back.

Photography is my passion. I am so thankful I found this visual tool. Photography gives artists the ability to "see." Images preserve memories and last a lifetime.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in photography. My sophomore year, I interned with the public relations department and during the internship, I photographed all private and public events for the college. One event included their annual art auction, Artrageous, with a guest list of over 1k.

Throughout my education, I was published in several newspapers, including The Boston Globe, The Beverly Citizen, The Salem News, NOBO Magazine, later won the Photography Award at graduation in May 2014. 

Michelle Behre Photography was born. I began commissioning portraits and events in college and have never turned back. This has been such a wild adventure and I cannot wait to share it with all of you!

Let’s get in touch, plan a session, get to know each other! I love meeting new people. Feel free to leave a comment below and let’s get in touch, my loves!


Michelle Behre Photography