Beverly, Massachusetts, Photography Techniques at Beverly Studio | Shooting Hybrid

I have been photographing with film and it feels soo good! The last time I touched a roll of was since my junior year in college and this has truly slowed me down, make me focus and has truly brought me back to the more “fine art” side of my craft. Film truly slows you down, makes you take a step back and reminds you that you only have one shot to get the image. One shot and one shot only. This has helped me not only remind me of my positioning; however, of compositions, moments, and the simple things such as taking a moment to step back, breathe, look at what is happening, and shoot. 

Stepping into the hybrid movement truly has been a whirlwind. I truly regret putting down film for such a long time and am sincerely happy with myself that I have jumped back into film and am setting myself up this challenge and may lead to failures and obstacles that all artists learn and grow from. 

I cannot wait to get my scans back from the lab!