Beverly, Massachusetts, Photography Techniques at Beverly Studio | Finding Your Voice

Friends, crafters, artists and makers, 

We all need to remind ourselves on a daily basis that there is no such thing as perfect. You are you. You create what you create and that is your unique and individual style. Own it! Remember, people are coming to you because they love YOUR style, YOUR art! In the beginning, I forgot this. I was blindsided by what I was seeing in the magazines, on Pinterest, on the famous blogs... Remember your art is your art, we create, we craft in our own unique ways and we all have our own challenges we face, techniques, and our own ways of overcoming these challenges. OWN it!

Over a year ago.. I found myself comparing my art to other photographers who had shot over 100 weddings. Ok, I was being absolutely ridiculous. I honestly don't even know what the heck I was thinking. STOP COMPARING YOURSELVES AND SIMPLY, CREATE. Pick up your camera. Pick up your paint brush. Make. Do. Create. Do what you do best!

Meet people, make connections, network, and document. Find yourself, find your voice, and find your style. The best advice that anyone could have given me was patience. Seriously. Be patient and find what speaks to you. 

Film and digital photography is truly a challenge. Stepping back to film after shooting only digital for years, is honestly the hardest thing I have ever done. My goal always is to always capture milky skin tones, milky whites, no clippings, perfect exposures and spot on with my focus and to capture the truth/the true essence of the moment. The nature of the beast is that it’s never going to be perfect. Film or digital. And to be honest with yourself, you're not doing yourself any favors by comparing your art with someone else's creative work. I am not perfect; however, I go out there on-location, every time and I shoot/deliver my best. 

I accept 100% that I am an artist and entrepreneur who learns about oneself on a daily basis. There's nothing to lie about. At all stages of creating/owning our own businesses - we are all learning, no matter at what stage.. That's the nature of the beast. 


Simply create.