Beverly, Massachusetts, Photographing details with Michelle Behre Photography | 3 Tips on Shooting Still Life

Today we will be talking about photographing details and the importance of the detail shot. I will be providing you with three tips and how we will photograph your special details such as your wedding rings, invitation suite, and accessories on-location.

Photographers reading, always provide your client and/or vendor with a variety of images to craft their heirloom collections. It is never good to be told that they were not enough images to choose from; however, TOO many to quality images to choose from is never a problem (in my eye).

1. Clients, to prep for your day, a shot list/timeline and all special requests will be noted, our styling boards will be packed and please place aside all details and vital accessories! Additionally, if anything special that needs to be documented, such as rings, flowers, and accessories, be sure to place these items aside on a table near window light so that we can photograph these and make sure this location has been noted with your photographer before their arriavl on-location.

2. Light. On-location, the first thing I always search for (after introductions) is light. From there, I will prepare our working station and scope out the venue. 

3. Give your subject matter physical interest via texture. Swap out backgrounds, play with light, use the furniture, bridal accessories (if plausible), bring your own texture via scrap booking paper/texture boards, and always work your angles.

Example: If I am photographing food, florals, or an invitation suite, I may want to give physical interest by swapping out backgrounds and adding texture, or change the "mood" of the session by switching up the lighting atmosphere, adding greenery, tulle, and plausibly adding a roll of ribbon for visual interest.

Questions, comments? Drop me a line in the comments! Have fun folks and happy shooting!