Beverly, Massachusetts, Photojournalistic Photography with Michelle Behre Photography | How to Share a Story in 3 Simple Steps

I always am asked how I approach my subject matter. Coming from a reportage and documentary photography background, the family or wedding is simply sharing "a day in the life" and it is in my best interest to place my client's story on display. The majority of my images displayed on my website are candid images; however, a select few are intimate detail images that are carefully constructed. Today, I'll be chatting about how I snapped these intimate animate and inanimate shots on-location in three simple and quite easy steps.

        1. Move. On-location, I am constantly moving. I am working through the images by shooting through objects to my subject, working around the venue and using inorganic and organic objects to complete my frames. It is always a goal for me to give a complete selection of images for my clients to choose from and with that being said, I need to move and move FAST on-location to shoot the images desired. I am working through the images by varying height levels, angles, and of course, the distance from my subject matter.

        2. Work with and against the light. Shooting with organic light has always been natural for me, therefore, I can shoot directly into the sun, sidelight/backlight my subjects on-location and call it a day. I may work directly into the light or move towards its shadows - it depends on the image and the mood I am interested in conveying. Find what is natural for you. Experiment, look and feel images!

        3. It's all in the details and moments. Rearrange your subjects, move, work the angles, move in close, direct, repeat, wait, watch, and let moments arise.

Check out a few images below from a this estate wedding photographed with Jessica Ruth Photography at the Estate at Moraine Farms. Stay tuned for more images from this wedding!


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* Photographed at Private Residence on Boston's North Shore and at the Estate at Moraine Farms in Beverly, Massachusetts, third photographer to Jessica Ruth Photography.