Hackettstown, New Jersey, Finding the Brand Voice | Re-Branding with Michelle Behre Photography

Since I picked up my camera, I had a clear and distinct vision of the images and brand I needed to share with my loving clients. Once I graduated college, the brand exploded faster than I could have imagined. In the first sixth months of my career, I was slammed and to me, Michelle Behre Photography still felt like it needed something. Something different, a differentiator to separate myself from the crowd even more than what I already had created for myself. At the time, I was busy, gaining referrals, and was taking on a lot in my first six months as an entrepreneur. Right after my first anniversary, I made the decision to truly focus on the brand and brand voice. After thinking long and hard about the process and future of MBP, I decided to dive straight into branding and build my dream brand. 

I found great inspiration from photographing at local greenhouses, spending time at local PYO farms, and spending time outdoors along the beautiful mountains of Hackettstown.

I am continuing to photograph every day and grow the brand into a beautiful blossoming flower. I love what I have created and I cannot wait for the launch party to celebrate Michelle Behre Photography share this beautiful brand that I have created to share with you.

See our inspirational mood board below.

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Want to get in on the fun? Stay tuned to our upcoming events launching on August 01, 2017!

Stay tuned to our process and keep up to date with Michelle!

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