Hackettstown, New Jersey, Wedding and Portrait Photographer, Michelle Behre Photography introduces printed products



In the summer of 2017, I rebranded Michelle Behre Photography and I evaluated the way I share my work with my clients.

One part of my photography business that has truly evolved since the very beginning are the heirloom collections. Heirloom collections consist of products and what I offer my clients or what my clients choose to purchase once they hire me as their wedding photographer and their portrait photographer. 

In the beginning of my career, I was offering the service of photography for portraits, engagements, bridals, and the wedding day with digital images and small albums as the final product. As business picked up, I had a huge demand for small to large scale prints, albums, and parent albums. I've begun to incorporate products for so many reasons and below are just a few to describe why I love offering handcrafted albums, large scale prints, and other decadent heirloom pieces of my photography collections: 

Why I love offering handcrafted products a part of our heirloom collections:

  1. Products are conversation starters and you can share these special moments by having your album on display in your homes.  
  2. Without printing your images and the purchase of products, your images will get lost in the shuffle of the digital world we live in today. By investing in your family heirlooms, you will enjoy the special moments shared with your family, rather than allowing for your images to sit on some hard drive in your home office.
  3. Wedding albums and hand bound books make absolutely beautiful decor in the newlyweds home and also the parents of the newlyweds. These make great gifts as well. 
  4. Wedding Photography is a great investment for clients. This day deserves to be completed professionally: in professionally printed products to display your special day. 
  5. Printing your photographs gives you the ability to share. Whether this be a family portrait session, or your wedding and engagement portraits. It is so important that we share the most precious moments with those we love most with our loved ones.
  6. Printing your images will give you the opportunity to relive these special moments when printed. Your heirlooms will be seen and viewed by yourselves and so much more by those whom you gift your prints too. 

What are printed products and why should I consider them?

Printed products are physical photographs printed in family heirlooms. Michelle specializes in customizing family heirlooms in products such as handcrafted albums, handcrafted parent albums, album presentation boxes, prints, framed prints, save the dates cards, and heirloom prints and glass boxes. Printed products not only serve as conversation starters, yet they make absolutely beautiful decor in your home, and serve as beautiful reminders of your family and the love you share. 

Why are printed products necessary? Why should I invest in printed products?

I feel that printed products are a necessity for every family. Not only are printed products an investment back to you, yet they serve as a reminder of your family. As you enter your home, your heirlooms serve as a reminder of why you wake up in the morning, why you work so hard every day, and the blessings that are shared on this earth. Just as your children are grown and off to college, you'll be able to visit these timeless images of them all grown. The moments you shared as they were children, and you'll have the ability to reminisce with your husband over these images, and precious moments you shared together. Investing in printed products allows you to share such special moments with future generations. These images and stories of your family can be shared with your family, and passed down from generation-to-generation. These images can be displayed as ornaments on your holiday tree. These images can be shared over the dinner table at Thanksgiving and Christmas and latter, and these images are to be shared with future generations. 

Here, you should have a better understanding of the products we offer with our wedding photography, engagement photography, and portrait photography clients, what it entails, and why you should invest in printed products and have your portraits or wedding photographed with Michelle. Or, maybe you’re still not quite sure and that’s ok! Please, drop me a line at info@michellebehre.com and I’d love to help. Either way, portraits are a great way for us to capture your memories of an absolutely beautiful moment in your life, to have fun, and enjoy these special moments in time. 

Michelle Behre is one of the premiere New Jersey full-service wedding and portrait photographers specializing in photojournalism. Her images are timeless, romantic, chic, and joyful. If you are looking for a wedding and portrait photographer in New Jersey, she would love to hear from you! Visit Michelle’s portfolio or contact her for more information on having her photograph your special day!